Nepalese nationals requesting for certification of the Power of Attorney must come in person with an appointment at the Embassy and should affix fingerprints and signature before Ambassador. It is mandatory to come in person for the certification of Power of Attorney. Notarized Power of Attorney will not be entertained.

 Please bring along with you the following documents;

  1. An already prepared document of Power of Attorney (must be written in the Nepali paper that is used at the courts of law in Nepal and be prepared in the format prescribed by Muluki Ain, 2020).
  2. An application form (Download From Here)  with photographs of applicant and the person on whom the authority is being conferred.
  3. Citizenship Certificate of both the applicant and the person to whom the authority is being conferred.
  4. A copy of applicant’s passport (page 1, 2 and 3)
  5. Applicants (intending to sell land registered in their names by giving Power of Attorney) should submit the copy of Land Ownership Certificate (Jagga Dhani Purja or Lal Purja)
  6. A Money Order or Cashier’s Check of $ 25.00 payable to the Embassy of Nepal. Personal Check will not be accepted. Please mention applicant’s name, address & contact No. in the Money Order/Cashier’s Check.