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Embassy Headlines
  • Risk of future Nepal-India earthquake increases

    There is an increased risk of a future major earthquake in an area that straddles the west of Nepal and India, scientists warn. New data has revealed that the devastating quake that hit Nepal in April did not release all of the stress that had built up underground, and has pushed some of it westwards.…

  • Is Nepal safe to visit in 2015 ?

    The people of Nepal say thank you for your help and welcome everyone to come and visit Nepal! Can I visit Nepal this year? Yes! Nepal is open to tourists! Much of the tourist and trekking infrastructure is up and running again. Hotels and restaurants in the tourist quarter of Kathmandu known as Thamel are open,…

  • Major Key to Promote Nepali Products in the Global Market

    photo by Major Key to Promote Nepali Products in the Global Market What is a major Key to Promote Nepali Products in the Global Market? It is a great question to all Nepali. How to promote Nepali products in the Global Market? Who should play the vital role to promote the Nepali products in…

  • Investment Climate in Nepal

    Investment Climate in Nepal The Government of Nepal (GON) is highly supportive of all investment. It aims to create social and economic systems that can provide reliable access to good-quality, basic necessities such as education, health, and food, that can generate jobs, protect the environment, and eradicate poverty. The GON and private sector organizations work…

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